April 27, 2022
San Jose Marriott
San Jose


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13:45 - 14:45, Apr-27
Duration: 1 hour
Automating Data Annotation with MicroModels
When it comes to AI, your model is only as good as the data it's trained on. While it's key to have a human in the loop when creating and verifying training data, automating processes within the workflow improves efficiency while guaranteeing high quality. Sama offers ML Assisted Annotation (MAA) powered by MicroModels to generate pre-labeled and human-assisted annotations. Sama's integrated platform with human-in-the-loop validation empowers AI data development at scale to unlock more business value in less time. During this interactive workshop, JF Marcil, Lead Technical Program Manager at Sama, will cover: - Introduction to MAA powered by MicroModels - Predictably producing 94-98% accuracy - Created 2-4x efficiency improvement for applied classes annotated You will be able to see Sama's annotation platform live, providing an overview of the critical importance of data labelling in the AI data flow process.
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